Ottawa Lacrosse Club
Ottawa Lacrosse Club


This league operates under the CLA rules with some provincial modifications. The officals have all taking the required course to be a cerified ref in Ontario. Although access to the rules tend be for those taking the course an idea of the rules can be found below.

The link provided will bring up the minor field lacrosse rules followed by varies leagues in Ontario. Men's field lacrosse rules will varie from these and proper explination of a rule may be found by asking team captains, players, league officials or league executives.

For Ontario minor league rules Click Here!

***** Off Night Policy*****

Due to the increase in roster sizes we have to make sure everyone gets their fair playing time. In order to accomplish this there needs to be more structure in who dresses for games to avoid guys just showing up when they are not scheduled to play.

  • If a team has 15 roster players at the field no non-roster players may join.
  • If a team has less than 15 roster players it is still the discretion of the team captains to allow players from another team to join.
  • Extra players will be assigned teams on a first come first serve basis; this means if you wish to play on a night that your team is not playing you will need to sign in with the bench officials when you arrive so that you get priority should a team need players.
  • If at anytime during the game more roster players arrive it is expected that an extra player may have to leave the game to abide by the "15 players" rule. This rule is also in place so that everyone gets to play for their team without having too many players, which will reduce field time per player.

The attendance of the league typically declines as the summer goes on, feel free to show up in case teams need extra players but remember that if you are not scheduled to play it is a bonus if you get to play some extra lacrosse.

If you are going to be late or cannot attend the game, please try to let your captain know or you can send an email to men~at~ottawalacrosseclub~dot~com or leave a message at 613-878-0444. This number is also the voicemail for cancellations when there is lightning, it will be updated every game day by 5:00pm.

Games will start at 6:30pm but please try to arrive in time to help set up nets, plyons, etc.