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Women's Field Lacrosse

*** Important Information for 2013 ***

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your interest in women's lacrosse in Ottawa over the past years. Following a lot of thought and chats with a few people, it has been decided to offically disband the women's league of the Ottawa Lacrosse Club. A number of us have been coming out for years (about 10!), have had a really great time and made some amazing friends but unfortunately there just isn't the interest that we need to maintain an actual league or even have scrimmages.
I will remain somewhat involved in lacrosse in Ottawa through the occasional volunteering and timekeeping so I will stay in the loop and you never know - there may be interest again with a new generation of women lacrosse players! I will be happy to pass along all the information and wisdom (I like to call it that!) that I have gained over the past number of years.
A special thanks to everyone who has helped out over the years - from monitoring the emails, bringing stuff to the field, recruiting new players, coming to planning meetings, etc. - it has all been appreciated.
And of course - if anyone ever wants to go out and toss the ball around, I am always willing!



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  • There is no Women's lacrosse at the moment.